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About Us


Lomee.ng is a digital market place where users easily post services they offer and also request for services they need, making it easy to quickly reach out to potential customers. It is a business website where user can present skill, showcase talent, sell product,buy materials, promote business, get daily work,connect with customers and convince them to patronize. With trend of information technology,work or business activities has beyond physical structure( i.e using office or shop for daily activities) but it is now online where you can meet thousands of customers. Lomee.ng is connection gateway that has service (work/business ) categories so that user will communicate with their respective customers and this will increase their income.


As a user:

Posting of service ( whatever you do) and requesting for Service (Whatever you need) under our listed categories.
Other Users or website visitor will contact you directly on your work or business post.
You will receive order from user on service request.
You can promote your service (work / business),making it visible to many users or visitors to have more customer.

How to update user profile and category ?

After registration @ www.lomee.register, you will prompt to select service category, but required personal information is yet to be completed. You need to update your profile by adding more details such as full name, address,upload profile picture,about and select service categories.


After login, click welcome "your username" at top right corner of home page
From drop down items, select Settings.
Setting page will open, select Profile tab to fill up your details.
Select My Categories tab to choose category.
Select Profile tab again, scroll down and click


Your records will be updated.

Post And Request For Service

How to post service or request for service?

After registration or login
Click welcome "your username" at top right corner of home page
From drop down items, select Post Service or Request Service.
Post or Request Service page will open, fill service details such as service title,State,location,description,service price,service category and upload image that describe your service


to post your service or make service request.

Company ─░nformation

Lomee in Lagos Nigeria .
Contact: +2348074306999, +2347069494803 ,+2348101032506.

  • Post Whatever You Do.
  • Request For Any Service.
  • Promote Your Business
  • We Are Here To Support You

Terms and Condition

By using website "lomee.ng" to publicize your work ,business and connect with new customers, you agree to the following terms and condition.

1. General view

The website provide wide range publicity of work and business to public users and visitors.
Posted and requested services are visible to other users within the same location and under listed category.
Website user (Service provider & who request for it) will be contacted and all transaction are to be concluded directly. We provide public connection between two parties.
"We" determine the terms and condition of using website,right of users. We have right to change / amend this terms and condition at anytime.

2. User activities:

User are to register, create account on website for promoting service,posting or requesting for services.
Profile update: You will require to update your profile by providing personal and business details such as full name, email address, business location etc.
Under 15 year old are not allowed to sign up and use lomee.ng
Every user will be responsible for activities carried out with his/her account and this agreement is a contract with individual user not company.
We have absolute discretion to suspend or remove user account.
Payment for any rendered service or request by user should be made at delivery point and verified, otherwise it is at user risk.
* Content privacy: we have absolute right to make use of your information as been describe in our privacy policy.
* We are not responsible for any indirect content, loss of appointment, service price and wrong business information.
* Your feedback, question or complain should be forward to info@lomee.ng

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