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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Click POST IT on home page or visit https://lomee.ng/postit

2 Select post type (i.e product or service)

3 Complete all the information about your product or service such as title, category, sales price / service charge, location(address),contact phone number, description and add photo (Maximum 2MB)

4 Click POST PRODUCT or POST SERVICE to publish your Product or Service

5 If you dont have Post or Lomee account before, you will be prompt to fill personal details form. Please, fill all required fields and click Continue

6 After product or service been verified and published, you will start receiving orders (call or order messages) from potential customers.

7 Note (Promote your Product or Service to have more visibility in searching and receive numerous orders)

1 On lomee app, click product or service title

2 Select product or service from list, click order now button

3 On customer_order page, carefully read product or service details

4 Fill order form with required information such as quantity, priority, your phone number, full name, delivery address and short message (optional)

5 Click Send button, then wait to receive order code on your mobile phone to confirm order process.

6 If you did not receive order code via SMS on your mobile phone , Click Send Code to Email to get order code via email address.

7 Enter order code (O_code) sent to your phone number (sms) or Email address and wait for successful message.

8 Seller or service provider will contact you shortly after your order is been confirmed.( via Phone call or message)

Keep ordering using lomee application. Thanks.

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