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Hemani Black Seeds Oil



Great News To All Lagosians!!! Here's a potent natural supplement to help boost your immunity and help weather this storm named novel Covid -19. Hemani Black Seeds Oil is extracted and prepared from natural black seeds using latest cold pressing technology. ?Used as remedy for allergies, inflammation ?Strengthening of immune system ?Treats bronchitis, Asthma, Neuropathies, ?Improves liver function ?Purification of blood ?Controls blood pressure and cholesterol and poor digestion Size: 125ml Price: #2500 P.S: Also available in dozen packs and cartons for wholesalers. Location: Lagos Delivery: Available in Lagos State only. You are not in Lagos, right? Let's help deliver bottle(s) of black seeds oil to your friends and family members who are residents in Lagos State. #Blackseeds #Blackseedsoil #Hemani #Covid-19 #Lagos To place your order Call: 08026618179 or click here for quick response?? http://wa.me/2348026618179.